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History-i Respect Campaign

historyIRCTwo critical elements converged for MDR’s i Respect campaign. One was the need to connect youth with socially responsible artists that they might not otherwise be exposed to in mainstream media. This is a necessary step in letting them know that they have alternatives that they can seek and models of human driven media that they can emulate in their own artistic endeavors. The second was the idea of Respect in media. In action films and video games, respect is gained through violence and overpowering your opponent. Respect is synonymous with street credibility and ensuring no one messes with you. MDR had youth shift their perspective on Respect to be a quality earned through their conscious contribution to uplifting their communities.

“It’s opened my eyes.”
“I see now that there are more people really trying to create positive music.”
“I can try to promote new, positive images, showing different kinds of respect and power.”
Comments from 14-17 year old youth from Compton, Inglewood and Los Angeles, CA after participating in MDR symposium

i Respect Campaign


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