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historyIn 2006, MDR started out as an advocacy campaign calling for 24 hours of non-degrading, uplifting music on Urban radio during Mother’s Day weekend. Black female community activists in Los Angeles County were disturbed about the growing trend of objectifying, hyper-sexualized images of Black women in mainstream rap music videos. Among these activists was Master’s level educator, Shaunelle Curry. Shaunelle worked with economically disadvantaged youth who often were physically and/or sexually abused and were at high risk for entering into the juvenile justice system. She also worked with youth detained in the prison camps. She helped develop and modify outreach curriculum, provided mentorship support and facilitated academic tutoring for these youth. In response to the community concern, she developed the Mother’s Day Radio advocacy campaign to provide women and youth with a tool to counter the onslaught of misogyny driven media images of women of color. Mother’s Day Radio mobilized the 8th and 9th grade students of Culture & Language Academy of Success Middle and High School in Inglewood, California. Forming a multi-city alliance with teenagers from the Teen Outreach Program in St. Louis, Missouri, and Girl World in Chicago, Illinois, these youth helped petition local radio stations to commit to 24 hours of uplifting music. On the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend 2007, Singer-Songwriter Stevie Wonder’s Los Angeles radio station, KJLH, and the local Hip-Hop station, V100, played 24 hours of uplifting programming for women in support of this campaign.

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